Simply put. WOW. Yet again, I am completely stunned and in awe at Lady Gaga and Nichola Formichetti’s work together. They bring out the best in each other, and it is evident in the pieces which Gaga wears. The dress outfit is concieved of many of Gaga’s fans faces. It is a representation that they make her who she is, they are they clothes that she wears everyday, and they are her Masterpiece. The image is one of many to help promote the Viva Mac campaign which donates money to help fighting aids throughout the world. Gaga being a supporter of the LGBT community and the life style of it, completely supports Viva Mac as it helps spread awareness of aids in the community.


Looking back on the last few months of my life, I know that I am happy. Dare I say it, I am over the moon with the turn of out of these events. The epic scale and uncountable emotions that I have been through is unbelievable. Life can make you feel so depressed, and so upset at times to the point that doing things that you perceived as fun, have became dull. It’s only when you realise that in life, this will always happen. You will always go through these periods in which you simply cannot be bored doing the mundane tasks and chores asked of you. You simply cannot be bothered with certain people, or even visiting specific places. They almost become a fear in a sense, or even a nightmare. I have only realised that it is only I that can overcome these problems, and get by the childish parts of my life. The fears are my fears, and my fears alone. They cannot be shared with another. Sure, many can understand and relate, but the actual ideological fear itself is my own.

This fear of mines, if you want to call it so, is different. It isn’t a fear of harm or hurt, it is of the mind. To be alone with an idea is the worst thing that can over take a human. The idea to others may be illogical, but to one, it can completely ingulf you. The idea of losing someone who means the world to you is a terrifying one. I have learnt in the last few months that no one is epically special, nor is there the true one. There is only love, an emotion that is finite. Love will never come into our lives once, it is limitless, and all we need to do is crave this once more. The ideology behind this emotion is something that I find fascinating. We cannot escape love, no matter how hard we try. And in most cases, the emotion will overtake you when you least expect it. In saying that, I make it sound like love is something that is the most important thing to ever enter out lives, but it isn’t. Far from it infact. I too, like everyone on the planet, do not want to die alone, but that doesn’t mean that I will forever spend my life chasing someone to be mines, simply because of that need. I have learned, through my last experience of love, that it isn’t something we should chase, or even give thought on. It is something that finds you when you least want it to, or need it to. Searching for it will only cause more dilemma and ending backfiring on you.

I shared this obsession that everyone has with being with someone. Little did I know that it was because of the mind frame I was in, and the ideology that surrounded me. Once I realised that I don’t need someone else to make me happy, I found out my true purpose, and a new way to live my life, without regret.


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