Task 6

The Point of View (POV) is very important technique. It can be used to engage with the audience and give them a better understanding of what the character is looking at. Taking the perspective of the third person, the point of view shot lets us see exactly what they are seeing, and give us a better understanding of what they think. The thriller and horror genres uses this shot most, as it can be a great way of putting the view into the front seat, allowing them to feel like they are the character. This makes the view feel like this is actually happening to them. It’s great as it adds suspense or even scare.

A brilliant example of a point of view shot is the one used in Goodfellas. Walking through the restaurant we get a sense of the atmosphere and of who the character is. We know that each person who looks at the camera recognises the character as they smile and nod. We see their reactions to him, which let us know that they know him. It makes us feel like we are the character as we are seeing what he sees.

Another fantastic example is one the of point of view shots used in Enter The Void. This is the only scene in the film in which you get to see the main character. For that reason alone, the scene is very important. The scene is also great as it has been filmed perfectly, that you actually think that you are seeing this through the characters eyes, not through a camera.

The ending to Into The Wild is a hard hitting scene. We see the main character’s life flash before his eyes as he looks up to the sky and slowly dies. Switching between images of his past, and the present, we get a point of view scene. This has been done to make you connect with the character. You are seeing what he is seeing in his final moment of his life. It makes the character feel what he is feeling a lot more.


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