Outcome 3

Technology now plays a major part in the fashion industry. With almost every label and designer having their own website in which they show collections, post influences and sell clothes. Since the digital age, shopping as changed drastically. Almost anything can now be bought online, and clothing is now exception. Companies like ASOS can now exist without having to have any true retail space, everything can be done online. Not only this, but technology has impacted the shoppers experience. The days of a shopping experience starting from the moment you walk into the shop is gone. Nowadays shoppers don’t even have to leave their bed to immerse themselves in a fantastic shopping experience. Websites such as Alexander Mcqueen, Versace, Christian Louboutin have created websites that are brilliantly interactive. Customers can go onto the websites and enjoy themselves while surfing. With the advancement of technologies like 360 degree views, the shopper can not only see a quick look of the product, but view it from every possible angel, to know if it’s right for them.

The legal side of the fashion industry can be very difficult, as each country has its own different and unique laws. From types of fabrics being used, such a fur, to the pay in which some workers earn in third world countries, the fashion industry is extremely controversial. The hourly rate for workers in some factories in third world countries is less than fifty pence per hour. The terrible truth is that these workers will not rise up and do something about it, as the jobs bring in up to almost 80% of the income for the country in places like bangladesh. This price is not only shocking as it is so low, but it denys the workers their basic human rights. People working for these companies cannot even afford food, proper hosing or even water. There are organisations out there that are helping fight towards making a better working environment and fairer wages for these types of people. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is one of these organisations.

In fashion retail shops in Britain, health and safety is very important. Employees are often given health and safety handbooks which they have to learn within the first few weeks of starting a new position. The employer must make sure that the employee fully knows the health and safety laws and regulations of the country and of the company. It is the employers duty to make sure that all members of staff stick the the guidelines all times. Most health and safety practises in fashion retail shops are straightforward and logical, for example, when there is a spillage on the floor, an employee must get another employee to stand at the wet area and tell customers about it, while the other employee goes to collect a mop. Once the wet area is mopped up, the employee must put down a wet floor sign so that all customers know that the area is still damp. Once the area is dry, the employee can remove the sign. Another logical law that must be adhered to is that all employees on shop floor cannot leave a ladder out unattended. If a ladder is left out unattended, a small child could potentially walk up it, then fall. This could cause serious harm to the child, and the parents could seek legal advice. In Britain, all companies must adhere to HASAWA (The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974).

The biggest organisation in British in British fashion industry is The British Fashion Council (BFC). The BFC help to put on runway shows of British fashion designers that are upcoming. The BFC are at the forefront of London Fashion Week. They helped to make London Fashion Week on the the main four fashion weeks in the world, along with Milan, Paris and New York. The BFC help graduating fashion students get into the fashion world. Financial support organisations based in Britian that help people in the fashion world are MA Scholarship and Fashion Forward. Organisations like these help budding young fashion designers financially. They not only do that, they also run competitions and seminars for the individuals so their knowledge and creativity can grow.




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