Assessing my project, I believe that I have delivered a good solution to the brief. I think that my sketchbook, development/research film and final digital image have all shown and explored this theme of body and movement. Researching into past artists and designers work on body and movement, I thought that it would be relevant to include some sort of liquid into my piece as it can capture movement brilliantly. I knew that when it comes to body, liquid moving over it looks brilliant, and that I would be able to explore how different liquids move in different ways. My initial idea, when I was given the brief, was to create a study through film of body and movement, then translate a piece from that film that captures this, and turn it into a digital image. I think that my film captured movement brilliantly, thus allowed me to develop it into my digital image. The development stage of the film was quite experimental, with some scenes being spontaneous, while others where planned out before hand and shown in my sketchbook.

Creative Objectives

My research consisted of looking at still images that showed movement. I wanted to look into how other artists and designers had portrayed movement within a still image. While researching these pieces, I discovered two pieces that I found quite interesting. One of them was Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2”. I found the piece most interesting because of the idea of trails used. I thought that the piece was brilliant as it showed how movement can be broken down into sections to show the overall movement. I knew that this was going to be one of my objectives, to show trails or layer movements. Secondly, when I was researching liquids, I found an image that showed a girl getting paint thrown over her. Once I saw this image, I knew immediately that I wanted to use bright, bold colours of paint in my piece as when it is thrown over someone, it stands out and captures the essence of movement perfectly. After researching similar images and these two pieces, I began to get a feel of the direction that I wanted to go in. My main goal at this point was to create the digital image from my film, which showed body and movement through the use of paint and trails. I believe that I integrated the research into my whole project, from the sketchbook to the final piece, my research was at the heart of it all.


The biggest issue in the project was where to shoot the development/research film. I hadn’t the money to hire out a studio space, then repaint it. In the end, I thought it best to shoot the film in the woods next to my home. Doing so meant that the actors could come into my house after they were done to get washed off, and that there wouldn’t be any problems traveling as it was a short walk.

Technical Constraints

There were many technical constraints throughout my whole project. The first of them was getting hold of a high definition camera that could record the scenes for my development/research film. I thought it best to record the whole thing on an iPhone 4S, for two reasons. First, I already had the phone available, so I could use it whenever I wanted. Secondly, it was small and light. With there being large quantities of paint involved, I didn’t want to hire a camera then ruin it with paint as it was so big. The iPhone’s size reduced the risk of paint damage. Another technical constraint was editing the film. At first I believed that I would have had to edit it on Adobe Premier Professional, however, for the editing I wanted to do, it could all be done on iMovie which I have pre-installed on my MacBook. This meant that I could save money, and use a more simplistic editing suite, thus saving time. The last technical constraint was that of making the digital image. I knew that I wanted to used Adobe Photoshop to create my final piece, but getting a version of it would be difficult. Once I discovered that the college computers had Photoshop installed on them, this problem was resolved.


For developing my idea, I didn’t want to just stick to my sketchbook. I believe that as an artist working in the computer arts area, I must be bold and innovative. I decided to not only show and develop these ideas of mine through my sketchbook, but also through the medium of film. My initial ideas were placed into my sketchbook, which I then developed upon. Once I knew the direction I was going in, I decided to then develop my ideas towards the film. During the film process, my idea for the final digital image began to take shape. It was in the filming that I learnt the best angles, shots and compositions to show dramatic movement. The film also helped me explore how the paint moved on the human body. From thick paint, to watered down paint, every batch had a different feel and flow to it. I also experimented with different materials such as water, rice, lentils and flour. All of them moved in different ways, and evoked a different reaction from each person. Once the film was complete, I narrowed down the scenes which I thought captured movement best. I then created my ideas of how I wanted to translate these scenes into a still digital image. Developing this idea in my sketchbook, I knew which scene would translate best. Once all of this was complete, I then created the final image on Photoshop from points in the key scene of the film.


I wanted the final piece to be bold in terms of colour. I knew that I wanted to use bright colours to have a more powerful look to the digital image, thus making it stand out more. The colours would show movement as they stood out from the background and everything else. When planning the film, I knew that I wanted to have close up shots of the cast being hit by paint as I knew these scenes would be best to show movement, thus better to translate into my final digital image.


I believe that I had a few weaknesses on the project. I believe that my sketchbook could have been more thorough, and that I could have done some more research. I didn’t use as many ideas as I could have. I potentially could have researched a lot more artists and designers, and carried some of their ideas into my work, along side the ones that I had. If I could redo the project, I would explore reactions and human movement. I believe that I explored movement and the body brilliantly, but didn’t combine the two as much as I could have.

What I Got from the Project

I learnt that I have a strength in good time management. I made sure that I was always ahead of my deadlines. I also learnt that editing is very naturally to me. I didn’t have to use tutorials or seek any advice when editing my development/research film. I believe also that in this project, I showed an ability to take something, and show it in its most simplest of forms. I have learnt in this project that colour can not only be attractive and add value to a piece, but it can also explore many different areas. In this project, it was not only an addition to make the piece nice, but it made the piece stand out. It was great to use these bold colours as they were such a juxtaposition to the plain colours of the woods in which I shot the film. I will carry this idea of colour being important into my other projects.


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