Task 4

Match cut

A match cut is when two scenes are placed together and they have roughly the same look, graphically. The first scene will play, and then when it cuts to the next scene, it will be different, but the graphics to the scene will be very similar. This gives the story continuity and makes it go in sync. These scenes are brilliant as they keep the story going and at a fast pace. A great example of a match cut from Pulp Fiction is below:


Jump cut

A jump cut is where a scene will randomly jump to another which isn’t in order to it. It disrupts the flow of the film, thus making it confusing, or more intriguing. In the film below, we see a jump cut happening. Two men are walking around a circus, then it suddenly jumps to a scene of them on a canival ride. This jump cut, along with the movement of the camera, add to the feeling of the characters being on drugs. We get an idea of how they perceive the world due to the cut and movement of the camera.


Cut away

A cut away shot is when a scene is shot continually, but will cut to a different area of a room. In this the scene below, of the Godfather, we see the man talking, like in an interview. In the background we hear a band singing. The scene then cuts to the man singing, not like a jump cut, as the music stays in flow and continues, it just goes away from the man speaking.


Cross cut

A cross cut scene is when there are two different scenes taking place at the exact same time. The scenes do not have to be in the same area, but they portray that they are happening at the exact same time. Below is a scene from Lord of the Rings. In this clip, we see the main characters battling in different areas, but we know that it’s all happening at the same time, as the film continually jumps to and from each of them.



A dissolve is normally used in scenes that show a memory or dream. In the clip below from American Beauty, we can see the scenes dissolve from one into another. This gives us an idea of the characters past memories, and what he is remembering in his head as he slowly dies. A dissolve is great for showing us the ending or flash backs to someones life.



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