The Theory Of Perception: Plan.

The brief given is asking me to explore the theme of movement and body. In this brief, I am told about the strive that we have as artists and designers to constantly perfect the human body in any movement. In this project, I will need to use skills that I have learnt in the past year of Computer Art and Design.

Assessing this brief, I believe that the best option would be to develop a short film for research, then to create a digital image from a key scene of the film. This is solely because I believe that film is the best medium to capture movement and the body, therefore, making a digital image would be an interesting way to show movement in a still image. The short film will have to introduce quick cut editing to it, thus, giving it a fast pace, and sense of movement. This will help me explore the idea of speed and movement, which will then help me understand how to create my digital image. The film will rely heavily on people, and they way in which they move. It will have to be short, so that it does not lack interest and carry on too long, this has to be done so that viewer does not get bored. The digital image will have to capture a sense of speed and movement. I believe that it will be best to do this by capturing a person getting splashed with a liquid from the side, and noting how they react.

I am going to call the project “The Theory of Perception” as I want to explore the idea of what colour we perceive ourselves as. It will be my main goal to understand how people can look at a colour and feel that it is a representation of them. I want to explore how we can look at someone and automatically think of a colour that portrays them perfectly. Exploring this theme of movement, I would also like to use the colour to portray different speeds and why we associate colours with different levels of movement. Such as red for advancing, white for being still, and yellow for receding. The paint will also help me show how someone moves by the way it moves around them.

In the film, I want to record a group of people, individually, getting paint thrown over them and in their direction. I think it will be great to explore how the paint moves and flows, then see how the body reacts to coming into contact with the paint. I will have a selection of colours in which I will allow each person to choose one of them and state why that colour fits them. I will ask the person what they associate the colour with and why. One of the goals is to research if there is a possible link between certain colours and speeds. I will choose a scene from a side view and slow it down. I will then select key frames of the scene and digitally draw them. I will alter the opacity and layer them on top of one another to give the idea of movement and velocity.

I will need two cameras to record this from different angles to make the film and a DSLR to capture extreme close ups of the peoples faces before and after they have been hit by the paint. A roll of paper, roughly 135x1100cm will be needed as a background. I would like to use the paper as part of an exhibition if we need to exhibit the work. I think this would be a great idea, as people could see the silhouettes of the people and how each reaction was different through the way that the body is posed. I will also need a computer with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to draw the digital image. Once the image is compete, I will then need to find a suitable printer to print it off.

The gathering of resources and the completion of the sketchbook stage should cease at the end of April, so that I have everything when I need to begin shooting. Along with gathering the materials at this time, I will need to find a suitable location to shoot. Whether this is my house, a studio, or outside is all depending on how much room I need and when the location is available. There will also be varying factors such as health and safety and weather, which will determine when I can film. Filming will begin at the start of April. Filming should only take a day, depending if everyone that will be included in the film is available at the same time. At maximum, it will run over two days. Editing will begin immediately after the filming process. This will take sometime to do, and should be completed by the end of April. Once the research film is competed, I will then begin to draw the digital image, which will take me up to the course deadline.

The project will be done by myself, the only part that won’t be, is the filming of myself getting paint poured on me. As an artist, I don’t want to be completely behind the camera. I want to get involved in my work, and be able to assess myself on all areas.


-Sam Singleton