For something to grab attention, be it a movie, food, piece of furniture or even a mobile phone, it has to be attractive. No more so than on the web. A website has to be able to grab the readers attention immediately and keep it. The first few seconds of going on a website are so important. When you think of great websites, you don’t think of boring black and white screens that are full of text. You think of a digital journey that completely entices you from the minute you click on it. Taking you through this journey is so important to the web designer, as it is what keeps you on the site longer, or continually coming back for more. These websites have to have the perfect balance between what is fun and quirky along with what is relevant and important.

Films must grab attention immediately. It is obvious that web designers must take films as a major influence when designing their stuff. When looking at a film, we know that the first few seconds are vital. They can make or break a film. Most movies that have long beginning which doesn’t go anywhere for a while, quickly bore people, which makes them turn it off as they lose interest. However, films that jump straight into the action from the opening sequence are normally ones that people love to see and will watch over and over again. These films work and are successful as the view keeps wanting more. They want more because these first few seconds captivate them. This is what designers in every field look at and aim to achieve, and no more so than in website design.

For me, a great website that captivates me is Ewout Van Lambalgen’s blog. The website is beautiful and captures your attention immediately. The illustrations on the site are bold and very professional looking. The posts are represented as photographs that look like they are falling down the screen. The further down you go, the further back the posts go. The blog as a whole works really well, as it’s fun and very childlike. It isn’t serious at all, and the illustrations help back this idea up. http://www.iwit.nl/ is the link to this website. Please have a look through it and see how interactive it is.


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