Real World and Virtual World Integration.

Art and technology have been brilliantly combined in many different areas, and no more so than in film. With animation and CGI, the medium of film has advanced in so many ways. Films ideas that was once impossible are now a reality. Infact, it has advanced so much, that the line between what is animated and what is reality has became so blurred. One can watch a film and not tell the difference between what is CGI and what isn’t. For all of these animations to feel so real, they must incorporate a sense of reality, and, to some degree, use many of the twelve principles of animation.


Tron Legacy, a modern day sequel to the iconic Tron film which was released in the eighties, is a great example of CGI and how far it has advanced. The movie is set in a computer generated world, with real people. With this fact alone, we know that most of the movie will incorporate CGI. The humans in the film are real, while everything else in CGI. This fact is unbelievable when you see the film as it is so realistic. Sure you know that it is far fetched, but the world is so detailed that it seems real, like a set has been built, but really it has all been done on green screen. Below is a scene from Tron Legacy in which the main character has to use a Lightscycle to fight for his life. This scene is a perfect example of how realistic the film looks, even though it is CGI.


Another film that is almost a cliche nowadays for “brilliant animation” is Avatar. James Cameron spent his whole life and career working on this film. From helping to develop the cameras to directing of it. He completely devoted himself to it. The film is based on another planet, which is CGI made. The film, like Tron, incorporates real life humans. The Na’vi in the film are that detailed, that they look just as real as the humans in it. Avatar went over and above any other CGI film and will always set the bar for films that want to attempt CGI on this scale forever. In the scene below, we see the main character getting chased by a wild animal that lives on the planet of Pandora. For me, this scene is beautiful. The amount of detail in the terrain is simply stunning and so life like. That is what truly makes Avatar so fascinating, the fact that it is animated, but looks so real.


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