In animation, like any other method of film, it is important to have condensation of time or emotion. Time cannot be played like it is in real life, or an animation would take years to tell a simple story. In this short animation below, we see how the man sits at his computer for days and days, when the animation only takes two and a half minutes. By using the changing of the sun in the background, we know that he has been there for such a long time. We know that this isn’t real time as this would never happen in reality, in animation, this is possible and easy to believe.

In Up, the first five minutes in a montage. Condensation plays a major part in the montage, as it shows the whole characters lives in such a short space of time. We see the characters go from being about twenty, all the way up to being about sixty, and even one of tyne characters death. We know that time progresses with the lighting changing for night to day a lot. Also we see the characters slightly age with every different clip. This progresses their age very fast and runs through their life at lightening speed.


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