Art and design have always had a major impact on technology. They are part of the creative process for how most pieces of technology is made, such as cars, computers, televisions and mobile phones. The two play major parts in the development of these and many other things. However, technology has also had a massive impact on the art and design world. It is a big influence in many peoples works and forever will be.

Alexander McQueen

The most prominent piece of work that has been influenced by technology was a piece by Alexander McQueen. The final of the Spring/Summer 1999 collation shows a model, Shalom Harlow, standing on a rotation board in the middle of a room. To either side of her is two large industrial spray painting robots. Harlow is wearing a white dress with some hair scrapped on her face. All of a sudden, the robots begin to fire paint on the beautifully simple white dress that she is wearing. Yellow and black paint goes all over the dress and even onto Harlow’s hair and face. To me it is so simple, yet says so much and speaks volumes. The piece is a symbol of technology and the impact that it has on our lives. It sprays her, which I believe is a representation of us being deep inside technology, almost like it covers us now. It plays such a major part in our lives that it is almost part of us, just like our skin. That is what McQueen was trying to show. McQueen is also telling us that technology can be beautiful and random. It doesn’t have to be ugly and completely thought out, which is what we think of it. The paint is fired in random directions, but still managed to create a gorgeous piece of work on the dress. It makes the dress look better by doing this, and it’s completely unplanned. The piece made me think about how technology can be used in unique ways to create art that we simply could not achieve without it. This piece wouldn’t have been possible without technology. Below is a video of the final piece that I sourced from YouTube.

Chris Metzen

The world of gaming has been majorly impacted by art. The biggest advancements are in the actual games themselves, the art of real life has influenced games and the technology used to create them. However, before the game is even being built, art is used to show how the game will look. Concept art for games is one of the most important things used to get a game to work and into a flow. The concept artists and designers work on creating landscapes, clothing for characters, animals, buildings and items. These are important things that make up the game and what it is all about. Without these concept artists and designers, the programmers would have nothing to go on and a game out simply not get on its feet.

One of the most important game artists to me in Chris Metzen. He works for Blizzard Entertainment and is Vice President of Creative Development at the company. Metzen works mainly on developing the Warcraft series and designing upcoming expansions. Back in summer 2010, Metzen done a concept piece of “Teldrassil”, which is a large island based in the Warcraft game. The piece shows the island at night, lighten up with torches and houses. Mainly purple, the piece stands out and is obviously recognisable as fantasy. This piece is extremely important as it gives the programmers an idea of how to build the game. It shows them how the game has to look in this specific area, such as colouring, textures and landscaping. To me it’s a stunning piece and it is visually appealing. It makes me think of how passionate we are about creating a different world that we all want to escape to. It is a representation of the desire that we have to create the perfect system and runaway into a place where everything is perfect and we don’t need to worry about our everyday lives. Below is an image of the piece that I sourced from google.

"Teldrassil" by Chris Metzen

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc is a company that is renowned for is designs. The products that come out of the Silicon Valley company are beautiful and so simplistic. The are built with functionality as the main objective, yet still remain to look brilliant and rival all other designs of the same type of technology. No company has ever been as innovative as Apple has been. I believe that Apple’s success has came down to their designs.

Apple’s iPhone 4 was an overhaul of the previous generation. It took what was already amazing about the iPhone, and made it better. By changing the design to be more cubic and sturdy, Apple made a massive leap forward in their already brilliant smart phone. Visually the phone is beautiful. With a glass front and back, the phone is amazingly shiny, which everyone wants their hi-tech mobile to be. The choice of coming in black or white makes the phone class, as it stays away from childlike colours which make it less appealing. The stainless steel around the device, which hold it all together and doubles as an antenna adds a richer look to it. It brings the iPhone forward and makes it look like technology from tomorrow. The steel works brilliantly will the white and black versions of the device, and take away from it being one major block colour. I personally love the iPhone 4 design. It sits perfectly in my hand, and is the most beautiful device that I have ever laid eyes on. The software works in tangent with the hardware and makes the experience fantastic. I think that Apple’s success has came down the the influence of the art and design world. Their devices are beautifully crafted and completely functional. The combination of both is extremely difficult and an area in which most companies fail. Being successful in this area makes Apple a successful company. Below is an image of the iPhone 4 in black and white that I sourced from google.

iPhone 4 in Black and White


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