The chair is a prime example of how the modernist changed the way that we look at an object or how we design it. Before the modernist movement, chairs were normally designed to be elegant and luxurious. Grand chairs had beautiful embroideries and amazing wood carvings. They were thought out for a long period of time with a lot of work going into the design of them. However, when the Bauhaus started their movement on the art world, chairs were one of the many objects to be completely redesigned and rethought of. With simplicity in mind, the modernists at the Bauhaus took away what was not needed in a chair, such as the beautiful carvings. They had the idea that function should be the main goal of an object, not how pretty it looks. With this, they began to rework the chair, making it simple. All that was truly needed for a chair to be functional was the part to sit on and the legs for it to sit balanced on the floor. Below is an image of one of the many chairs that was designed at the Bauhaus. The chair is radically different from any other chair that was created at the time.


The modern chair was born. Capable of mass production due to it’s simplicity and the fact that new materials were being used such as steel. The fact that it was so easy to manufacture helped make the modern chair a lot more popular and very affordable. This created a gap in the market, which company’s exploited. They knew that they could manufacture chairs on a grand scale as it would take a quarter the time to make just as many. This is how we have our chairs that we know everyday. We needed to make chairs fast, and that’s what the modernists at the Bauhaus brought us.


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