The Gallery of Modern Art in the heart of Glasgow is amazing. When me and my class mates approached the building, I was astounded at how beautiful it was. The neoclassical structure was very attractive and gave me a sense of being in Grecian times. However, the building itself is a complete and utter juxtaposition. Outside it looks like something you’d find in Roman Olympia but inside it is the complete opposite. Modern art surrounds the building and there is no traditional art what so ever. The building alone makes you think of what we perceive as art at first glance, and to think of the scale of art. That it can be so different, yet evoke so many of the same ideas and portray the same messages.


The main exhibition at the gallery was the collection of ‘You, Me And Something Else’. The collection was created by ten different artists who wanted to challenge the idea of what we class as a sculpture. What should a sculpture look like? What should it be made of? And more importantly, what can we state is a sculpture? All of these questions are at the heart of the exhibition and bleed through into the artefacts themselves.


This piece was brilliant. It looked like an oversized wooden picture frame that has been halved with a neck scarf attached to one of the parts. What stuck me as interesting about the piece was the balance. The neck scarf on the side of the piece should have been enough to topple over the object, but it didn’t. It made me think about how the artist done it, and more importantly, why they done it. The made me think immediately about the cultural divide we have in today’s society, between the older generation and the youth. The old wooden frame is a representation of the older generation and the strength and firm beliefs that they have, while the neck scarf is a symbol of the youth and today’s more modern, weaveable society. The fact that the frame is halved shows that the older generation feels broken by the youth, and does not believe in its modern ideology. The neck scarf being in the middle of the piece shows that the youth is stuck directly in the middle of the situation and cannot help but take the blame.


Strive To Fix The Crooked Straight







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  1. Sam, this is well written and thoughtful work.
    Now please complete the outstanding activities listed in the Mycity VLE by Fri 4th Nov.
    And the same for Film Theory.

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