Past times will always shape the future, not just in terms of the ideology that surrounds us at that present moment, but also in many different ways, such as politics, technology and even art. To simply forget about the past and not learn from it is very childlike and preposterous, for one to progress into a better area of knowledge and understanding of art and the world that we live in, one must look back at the past and truly understand how it helped shape the present. For example, the great film noire period would not have been born if there wasn’t a great leap in the world of technology, without the first camera that could record moving images and sound, the movement would simply not have came about. And even more so, the digital art period would not have been created in later years. One has to realise that if there is a change, leap or deterrence in one area, it can effect many areas around it. The past must be looked back apon for further reference on how to shape today and the future. It is important to study such ways in which creative artefacts were produced in the past as they can help you create your own artefacts today. You can see how a designer or artist made a specific artefacts and the different resources they used to do so and use it as guidance. It can not only show you how to create something, but how to reinvent it and take something in a completely new direction. To turn a blind eye to the past, is the same as turning a blind eye to the future. You must look at both to understand the present.





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