For many people, technology is everything. They can’t live without their laptop, mobile, mp3 player or tablet computers. As technology has became a major part of our daily lives, there is always the question of which shapes which? Do we shape the technology, or does it shape us. As technology is constantly evolving and changing, it seems we change with it, so to many the answer is that it shapes us but I don’t think believe that is the true answer. I believe that technology is constantly changing as we as humans find the need to create the perfect system. Technology is constantly getting old and redundant in a matter of months to years. This is simply because we need better, we strive for the best. The latest machine can help us achieve fast, quicker and even deliver better results, so we constantly feel the need to upgrade. Every year I get a new mobile phone, as I believe the latest model has so many new features which will make my day a lot easier. We need to have something that will always work better with us, which is why tablet computers and hand held touch screen devices have became so much popular the last couple of years. They are intuitive yet simplistic. At heart, they have the most simple and easy navigational systems, yet can do almost anything we need it to. The world where technology was difficult to use is dying out, and the new world, in which the easier yet smart devices are elite, is coming in. We shape the world of technology as we control it and create what we need. It does not control us.





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