“Fantastically, brilliantly mad!” was my first thought when I seen the ending to A Good Man Goes To War when it aired all those months ago in May. The episode was a complete high the whole way through, and a total roller coaster of emotions. The last scene however, was by far the best. It showed the character of River Song reveal her identity to The Doctor, which was a mystery throughout the last three seasons. It was an eagerly awaited moment for the viewers of the show, and the director used many different ways to let you know that it was important. The music, the imagery and the dialogy used was exceptional, and by far one of the best scenes in tv history that I have seen. What made the scene so fantastic was the revelation, and how the director used many different ways to build up to the revelation and keep you hanging right to the very end.


The music was very sad, yet intense. This was achieved by altering the tempo, rythm and volume. It worked in parallel with what was happening on screen, such as when there was a low moment, the music was slow and quiet, but when there was a lot of anger or frustration at certain characters, the music would become loud and full on. Murray Golds score was brilliant, and matched exactly how the characters felt during the scene. It took you on the roller coaster of emotions with them. The score is below.


One of the most important shots used in the scene was of River Song and The Doctor’s hands touching the cradle. The close up showed that what was happening with River taking The Doctor’s hand was important as it was the only imagery in the shot. Another close up however was more important, when we the viewers and two other characters found out who the character truly was. The close up shows the name of the character on a piece of linen, which is a shock to both the audience and the characters. By using a close up of the linen and the name on it, it emphasises how important and big the revelation is. The name being in the centre of the screen is almost a metaphor of how the character is right in the middle of everything and always the focal point. The shot is as below.

When River

Another shot that is used many times throughout the scene is Talk Space shots. These shots are used when River and The Doctor are talking, and when Amy and River are talking also. When River speaks to The Doctor, the Talk Space shot is very important as it shows the intimacy between the two characters, and the importance of the revelation as they draw closer to each other which shows how interested The Doctor is in finding out. Below is an image of when The Doctor works it out before the audience does and finds it surprisingly funny. It shows how close the characters are and how close the communication between the two is.

The Doctor works out who River Song is.


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